Thursday, October 4, 2012

Big Bird

The reason why President Obama lost the debate last night can be summed up in two words: Big Bird. Not even 10 minutes into the debate, Mitt Romney looked Jim Lehrer, the moderator, in the eye, told him that he liked him and that he liked Big Bird, but that if he were President he would get rid of both of them.

Who else can look Big Bird in the eye, tell him that he liked him, fire him and then feel good about that? Right, Donald Trump. President Obama should have used this incredible opportunity to reveal the true character of Mitt Romney: someone who can look you in the eye, smile and complement you and then fire you to save his bottom line. That person is not a President, that person is a Donald Trump. The debate would have taken a completely different turn. Opportunity wasted.

Getting rid of PBS funding is hardly job creation and I'm puzzled as to why the President wasn't able to think on his feet and grab the opportunities he was given by Romney to expose the nonsense that Romney is preaching.

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